Turning ideas into profits

Have a seasoned financial professional bulletproof investment ideas

You need additional boots on the ground in the due diligence process or with specific research projects.

Due diligence is time consuming, but vital to a sound investment decision. GastonWhite will work with your portfolio companies or investment considerations to investigate the consistency of the numbers and the plan, and to ensure veracity. 

Provide representation in the portfolio company

You find the idea presented by the company to be compelling, but not quite ready for prime time. Is there someone who can work with the team to make it ready?

The idea may be good, the team bright and capable, but something is missing. GastonWhite will work with the existing management team to help iron out the rough spots, making sure that the products are fully developed and the efforts are focused. We work to ensure that priorities are set and full potential realized, and reasonable schedules are established and adhered to. We add the finishing touches, and turn a good idea into a great one.

Expand business contacts

Networking is key for all of us. Let us help you expand yours.

GastonWhite brings people and companies together. We establish relationships with a broad variety of top-notch professionals. Our clients become stronger when their partners, vendors, and investors are stronger. By introducing quality companies to one another, we strengthen our relationships and you strengthen yours. 

Interim Executive

At times, our portfolio companies need the intense focus and concentration of a seasoned executive. We will act in that interim role..

Examples of past engagements include:

  • Interim COO - created and executed strategic plans for a company with a technology process patent. They received additional financing to execute the plan and were acquired.
  • Director of Strategic Planning - An incubator of early stage tech companies located on Long Island needed to explore the viability of different business models and examine each for feasibility and fit. The result of was specific corporate direction, a legal structure to accommodate the various interests, and a functional business plan. 
  • Head of Research - researched various new markets, including international, created financial models and the foundation for a permanent research department.