Propelling you to success


Manage the capital raising process

You need more capital to grow. The success of your business demands it, but how do you raise capital while continuing to effectively run your business?

GastonWhite will manage the entire process, allowing the business' executives to concentrate on their core competencies and run their business. We organize and execute. We write the business plan, executive summary, and the investor presentations. We make sure the financial forecasts are done properly and reflect a sound investment proposition. We work alongside of the management team and seamlessly integrate the money-raising process into the ongoing life of the company. We make investor recommendations, and attend the meetings, when appropriate. Our extensive list of contacts assist in creating operative advisory boards and further propelling the company toward success.


Write executive summaries, pitch decks and strategic plans

How do you prioritize your next steps? How should funding best be spent to accelerate and insure success?

Well-written executive summaries and pitch decks serve many purposes. They not only outline the various facets of the business, but also expresses the unified vision of the management in a way that the investors can embrace and support. They provide a framework from which to base strategic decisions and guide the prioritization of next steps. Additionally, they can also be used to attract key individuals to join as senior executives or board members, and act as a guide to navigate the developmental stages of the company's growth.


Create strategic alliances and partnerships

You need a broader client base or a complimentary set of skills. What are creative ways to achieve this?

Sometimes the best answers aren't found within the organization itself or by going out and hiring more people or developing more technology. Sometimes, the strongest, most effective solution lies in the creation of strategic alliances and partnerships. They can help you to co-brand and expand your customer base, add to your product lines and open new avenues of success. GastonWhite will help you to explore these issues and determine if it makes sense for your company. We can also recommend appropriate partners and many times provide the introductions.


Increase credibility with the financial community

What is the most important thing that investors look for?

The answer is you. Your management, your creativity, and your vision in growing and running your business. Investors see hundreds of business plans but most of them never get read. You need credibility. You need an introduction to the investor. You need a plan that makes sense, written in a format and style that focuses on the investor's needs. With fifteen years of Wall Street experience, GastonWhite has credibility with investors. The tough questions have solid answers. We provide an experience in addressing many of the early stage tasks of a startup and allow you to be free to run your business, which is, after all, what they are investing in.

Financial modeling and market research

How do you create financial models that are consistent with your forecasts, funding and proposed exit strategy? 

Financial models should realistically reflect the operations and expectations of the company. They need to address market conditions, the customer base, and the environment for growth in your industry. GastonWhite will coordinate the financial models and marketing research to insure accuracy and reliability.