What clients have to say:

Lora’s objective approach allowed us to better shape our company. Her participation was crucial to our obtaining the next level of financing. Aside from her great professional skills, her personal energy and passion for the company’s vision were also a great benefit to our team.
— Eduardo Yeh, CEO & Founder, iPing
Lora has been a great advisor to our startup through its early stage business development. She naturally inspires trust and connects with you on a personal level, displaying cultural awareness and challenging your assumptions in a positive and engaging way. Lora goes the extra mile to help your startup and continuously creates opportunities for collaboration and networking. Last but not least, Lora always stays updated and aware of the latest tech trends and pushes your team to get outside of its comfort zone.
— Francisco Marín Ruz, Co-Founder & CEO Cognitive Talent Solutions
Her broad network of contacts was invaluable in bringing together and developing the external relationships needed to strengthen our business.
— Mark Alexandridis, Managing Director, LabMorgan, venture division of JP Morgan 1993-2000
Of all the consultants I have hired for my businesses, Lora was the first who delivered what she promised. I have never felt so good about writing out a consultant check in my life.
— Hali Weiss, CEO, SympathyPlace
Lora Gaston is extremely efficient and brings structure to everyone around her. When Lora is on the scene, things get done.
— Bruce Strzelczyk, Partner and co-Chairman of the New Media and Internet Group, Richard A. Eisner & Company, LLP
Lora brought clarity, focus, and direction to our company at a critical juncture. Her calming demeanor is one of her greatest assets. This, along with her insight, allowed us to see the project from the perspective of the other team members, re-focus on key issues, and reach consensus.
— Al Zecchine, CEO World Class Hospitality
One of the nicest people I have ever worked with, Lora became a valuable addition to our team. We especially relied upon her ability to observe and read people during collaborative negations.
— Steve Neiman, PhD, Head of High Performance Computing Group, JP Morgan
During the past 15 years, I have worked with Lora on a wide variety of business projects. Her breadth of experience and business acumen enable her to take and execute a project single-handedly or effectively contribute to a team.
— Kerry Roche, Senior Managing Director, Sanwa Securities
Lora has been a trusted advisor to me in the development and ongoing management of several of my businesses. I value her judgment and ability to uncover and evaluate the key issues required to quickly reach sound decisions.
— Mike Esposito, Managing Partner, Greenwich Investment Partners
Lora’s enthusiasm brings out the entrepreneurial and creative side of everyone who works with her.
— Greg Harris, Managing Director, Frank Russell Company
Lora’s experience and objective approach in developing business concepts provided me a head-start leading to considerable savings on time and money.
— Matthew Weber, Chief Executive Officer, World Telehealth, 1996-2000
She never missed a deadline, in fact, her work was thorough, innovative, and was always completed on or ahead of schedule. She was also instrumental in providing a bridge between the business partners that then enabled us to move beyond issues that had stalled the project.
— Mohan Murjani, CEO Sterling Company